360church - Serving the most creative city in the world

Our Leaders

Drs. Earl & Janet Creps – Pastors

leaders of 360 church - Berkeley

Earl and Jan love living in Berkeley and serving 360church, their first start-up after leading three other congregations. Along the way, Earl earned a Ph.D. at Northwestern University, serving as a university and seminary professor. Both the Creps’ have completed D.Min. degrees and are published authors. Earl is a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan and Janet is devoted to Hostess chocolate cupcakes. They enjoy coffee, love the movies, and own a dog named Ricky.


Marc & Semra Madrigal – College Pastors

360 church family pic Marc and Semra just can’t stay away from college students. Both graduates of the University of California at Davis, they serve as college ministers with Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship on the Cal campus. Things they love include the people of Berkeley, the aroma of coffee, and an ancient technology called the “book”. They both hail from Southern California but plan to stick around the Bay for a long time.