360church - Serving the most creative city in the world


Our Name

360 business card

Our name stands for the following:

  • 3 commitments
  • 6 days a week
  • 0 regrets

3 Commitments. We are committed to love and serve our Creator. We are committed to love and serve creative people. We are committed to shaping environments where creatives can connect with their Creator through faith in Jesus.

The other 6 days. Our focus is about serving God in our community when it’s not Sunday. We want to be engaged in our community and campus, serving its citizens and students Monday through Saturday. Similarly, we want to serve the world by bringing the good news about Jesus and by helping meet pressing material needs as well.

0 regrets. A life lived without regrets is a treasure. Reconciliation with our Creator through faith in Jesus allows us to walk in forgiveness and healing, making it possible to live with purpose and calling. 360church is committed to serving Berkeley without regrets, leaving nothing undone, and to helping creatives find this same kind of life.

Our Partners

360church is part of the Assemblies of God, an international network of churches serving over 200 countries. Approximately 60 million people are part of our network worldwide. We also have a partnership with the following organizations:

Northern California-Nevada District Council – regional partner

Cal Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship – campus partner

East Bay Section – 580 corridor partner

Berkeley Chamber of Commerce – city partner

Convoy of Hope – international disaster relief partner

Our Beliefs

We emphasize 4 Core Doctrines:

The full Biblical beliefs of our denomination can be found in our 16 Fundamental Truths.